Migraine Diet

Migraine Diet If two weeks on the basic anti-migraine diet does not reduce your headaches, the next step is to check whether a food that is not on the list of common migraine triggers may be causing your symptoms. Although diet isn’t considered a standard treatment for migraine, some people find that avoiding certain food […]

Migraine Diet – Diet Review

Migraine Diet – Diet Review Dont miss a thing. Migräne Diät Unsweetened tea or tea sweetened with stevia or Splenda and coffee with or without cream or natural sweetener are also perfectly fine in moderation. The efficacy and safety of feverfew Tanacetum parthenium L. Farmers markets are also great to find naturally raised animal products. […]

Migraine and Diet | American Migraine Foundation

Migraine and Diet | American Migraine Foundation BananaBeef, porkBeerCheese, especially yellow ripenedChicken liverEgg PlantFish, shellfishProcessed meat, such as salamiSauerkrautTempeh, tofu, miso, tamariSpinachStrawberryTomato, tomato sauce, tomato pasteWineYeast and foods containing yeastPineappleCitrus fruitChocolateHowever, two well-designed studies found no effect of tyramine on migraine. Migraine trigger High caffeine intake seems to trigger migraines in certain people 8. Foods […]